Ongoing Activities & Projects

Guiding Principles:

  • respecting nature as our preeminent guide
  • energising & sustaining thriving life forces
  • applying thought and making work meaningful

Ongoing activities:

  • conserving water and enhancing sub‑soil water flow
  • replenishing microflora & microfauna in degraded soils
  • refurbishing ecosystem relationships
  • documenting mother tree locations across India's dry jungles
  • identifying new taxa
  • conducting germination trials and raising saplings
  • stress testing and genome selection
  • plant resilience & stress management
  • conserving biodiversity through growing multiple genotypes per species
  • focused plantations of abused, ignored and RET species
  • facilitating flora communication and new associations
  • developing and utilising microclimates
  • "wasteland" development, landscape eco-restoration
  • cycling biomass & recycling construction debris
  • bioinformatics, database and ongoing GIS development
  • library & information resources development

Activities Under Review & Development:

  • communion [(ఐక్యత, ऐकता)] with nature
  • facilitating scientific research & advancement of knowledge
  • apiculture (beekeeping)
  • sports events, arts & cultural functions
  • field & school trips, student environmental education and outreach programmes\seminars\training for the broader community
  • specialised programmes for horticulture, wildlife & bird watching, nature enthusiasts and plant hobbyists
Species of the Day    List 
Lannea coromandelica
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